Physical or well child appointments are made on the hour and half hour. These appointments are usually made well in advance and are given out in a first come, first served basis. We recommend making your next well child appointment as you are leaving each well child appointment. We try to work with your schedule as much as we possibly can. Sick visits are made on the same day. We make it our policy that if you have a sick child that needs to be seen we will try and see them on the day that you call. Please understand that we are always going to be seeing every sick child that calls so the appointments will be made to fit into the existing schedule of that day at our earliest convenience. Please understand that we cannot see you on the same day if you wait until the end of our clinic day to call and make an appointment.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We will never see well child appointments on a walk-in basis. We would prefer you to make appointments for your sick children so we can control patient flow. If you do walk-in without an appointment we will see you, but it will be after we see the patients that have already made an appointment. The only time that walk-ins are not frowned upon is when you have a really sick kiddo and you get there right as we start to see patients.

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