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If your child experiences a high fever, diarrhea, breathing problems, or other symptoms of an illness, you don’t have to wait several days to see a doctor at Kids Central Pediatrics in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Clifford James III, MD, and his expert pediatrics team offer same-day sick visits to get your child the care they need right away. Schedule a same-day appointment with Kids Central Pediatrics over the phone or online the next time your child is ill.

Same Day Sick Visit Q & A

What is a same-day sick visit?

A same-day sick visit is a pediatric appointment your child attends when they are ill. Though some illnesses go away on their own within a few days, others require treatment to help your child recover quickly and prevent unpleasant or serious complications.

Why might my child need a same-day sick visit?

When in doubt, call Kids Central Pediatrics to find out if your child requires a same-day sick visit. Your pediatrician may want to see your child if they experience:

  • A fever and are younger than one year old
  • High fever with other symptoms
  • A fever with a sore throat or headache
  • A widespread fash
  • Breathing problems
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Unusual symptoms lasting more than three days
  • Persistent or severe pain
  • Confusion
  • Body aches

In the case of a serious or life-threatening medical emergency, head to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

What happens during sick visit appointments?

When you and your child arrive at a same-day sick visit appointment, you’re greeted by the warm, welcoming Kids Central Pediatrics team. They check your child’s weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and other vital signs.

Your pediatrician examines your child’s lungs, breathing, heart rate, eyes, nose, ears, throat, reflexes, abdomen, and limbs. They ask questions about your child’s symptoms and may use blood tests, a rapid strep throat or flu test, or imaging procedures to diagnose your child’s illness and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Will my child require treatment?

Your child may or may not require medical treatment for an illness, depending on the type and severity of their condition. Your doctor might recommend antibiotics, breathing treatments, nasal sprays, or other medicines that help manage your child’s symptoms while they recover.

At home, make sure your child gets plenty of rest and drinks a lot of fluids. Watch for signs of dehydration, such as infrequent trips to the bathroom or bright yellow urine. Use a cool mist humidifier or saline nasal sprays or rinses if your pediatrician recommends it. Call your doctor at the first sign of worsening or alarming symptoms.

Don’t let an illness progress to serious complications when simple treatments are available at Kids Central Pediatrics. Schedule a same-day sick visit over the phone or online today.